Hola from Mexico!!!

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Hola from Mexico!!!Today we started off early to avoid staying in the heat of the day as much as possible. We were greeted by a crowd of eager children who gave us hugs, pound-its, and high fives. Our focus was mainly to get the house physically standing with hopefully a roof! We succeeded! We also were able to get both houses mostly painted and Banos (bathrooms) installed.For the most part our group has been feeling a strong connection to the people of the community especially the children. We played soccer, and even brought out a parachute that was a big hit. We have made many amigas and amigos that have really touched our hearts and brought out the child in all of us (even Darren and Kevin).We had a special opportunity to bless one of the families in a huge way. Early this morning when we greeted the families, the one Mom informed us that she was not feeling good. We made the decision to send her to the doctor because the pain had been increasing over a few days. Her diagnosis came to be a liver infection which is currently being treated with antibiotics and pain killers. She will make a full recovery and we covered all of her medical costs.The day flew by and we finished with a delicious dinner of floutas (cheese and potato wraps deep fried), and also a trip to the candy shop!We would love to have prayer for all of our safety and also that of the families and community.Thank you for all of your support.Love,Exit 4:12 Missions TeamTamara + Alexandra

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 22nd, 2010