I can only feel hopeful. Hopeful that the work of one can provoke others to do the same and change another one persons life.

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Buenos Dias Todos!Good morning Everyone!As you may or may not know, we have been graced with the privilege to build another house for another family next door to Isaiah’s new home. As Isaiahs’ house was completed yesterday, we were able to start on house #2. Half of our group went to put on the roof for house # 2, while the other half went to pour a cement pad for a house to be built later this month. I was apart of the group that roofed house #2. When we arrived on site we first began with the traditional greetings between us (the workers) and the family we are building for. Today was different than the other days as we were greeting a little lady named Natalia and her husband, Jose. Natalia and Jose currently live in a home no larger than 7 by 4. For most, this is the size of a queen size double bed plus a little space on each side to get out of bed. For others, it is smaller than their bathroom. And this for Natalia and Jose, is home. What they have is very little, but they have worked hard to gain it. Living with a single bed for the two of them and a small stove with one element. Beside the 4 x 7 humble abode lie 4 garage panels making a 16×16 square. There is no concrete on the ground as a floor nor a roof to cover their head. These two have worked hard for their money to save enough to buy their four walls.When exchanging a familiar ‘ola’ with Natalia, each and every one of us received quite possibly the tightest hug we have ever felt.  Only with sincere gratitude and greatfulness could such a little woman create such a strong impact on all of us.At the end of our day, after assembling the two panels made from 2 x 6’s and sheeting to support the shingles, we were surprised by a meal that Natalia prepared for all of us to show how thankful she was that we built her a roof and a floor. She prepared a very large pot of rice with some of the best seasoning I have ever tasted, an even bigger pot of chicken, and several tortillas. Jose also bought us a variety of Fanta and Coca-Cola for us to drink on our breaks and for this meal. I was blown away with how grateful these two people were, willing to spend probably more than 2 weeks worth of pay for one meal that was not even for themselves. Natalia was near tears when we went to thank her for the meal. When we did, she gave us another long and full embrace.Mexico has led me to look at things a little different.  I don’t understand how I am supposed to feel here. I don’t know how I am to hug Natalia and have her bless me with graces from God for all that we did, and then minutes later leave her to live in her 4 x 7 home while I return to a hot shower, overflowing plate of food and a hot cup of chai tea. How can I sit here enjoying all that I have, knowing she is less than a 20 minute walk away, most likely praying for all of us here at the Hero Holiday house? Not praying for her life to get better, but thanking God for a roof that she long deserved, but for us to be protected and safe. If Natalia is not praying, I could probably find her shivering in her sleep from the brisk cold air in Mexico  night.Other than these immediate feelings here in Mexico, I am frightened half to death about how I am to feel going back home to Canada. In 4 days, I will be on a plane returning home to a society where we are given everything and you never think twice about having a roof over your head. I am most definately included in this.But now what?How can I not feel terrible thinking about what Natalia might be doing at this very moment?Well for one, does she feel sadened by the life that she has? No, she does not. If Natalia sat at home feeling sorry for herself because she was not born into a wealthier family, or was not given the opportunities that most are given in North America, then she wouldn’t have gone forth in life working hard for her money and saving what she did with her husband to build her 16 x 16 home. And now, she has a roof over her head, something I don’t know if she ever expected to happen.We can’t feel guilty. Sure, it is tough to see how much is waisted in our day to day lives, and see where there are so many that desprately need help, but I am on a path of learning how to help one at a time. We can’t help everyone; it is impossible to put a roof over everyones head, but I can put a roof over one families head, and eventually more over time.I cannot feel guilty. I can only feel hopeful. Hopeful that the work of one can provoke others to do the same and change another one persons life. (Kayla)

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 6th, 2009