It is better to give than to receive

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As said in our debrief meeting tonight; it is better to give than to receive.   There’s truly nothing more rewarding than doing what you can to make someone’s life a little better. Today was our first work day, and boy isn’t everyone exhausted! Everyone worked harder than I could imagine.  You don’t feel the work until you’re on your way home because the smiles and encouragement from the locals give you all the energy and motivation you need.

When going on a Hero Holiday, you’re ready to give everything up just to give it all to people you feel need it more, but what you soon realize is you’re receiving just as much back in return. The locals are teaching you something. I have learned about true happiness, love, and strength in family and community. The family that we are building a house for has nothing but smiles on their faces, the children may be quiet at first but they are definitely not camera shy! It is only the beginning of our journey so far but I can see the connections being built and strengthened between our group and the community. On our first trip into one of the villages a local lady was speaking to us and it was being translated and she said “You are part of our community, our home is your home.” She was so thankful that we would leave the comfort of our homes to come and try to make their lives a little easier.

There is a beauty in this place, there is a beauty in these people, and there’s a new beauty within my heart. I have already learned a great deal on this journey, and I can already see the growth within myself and the team.  Having amazing, positive, and understanding leaders is a huge thing for this trip. You have people that inspire and guide you within your trip and slowly as we mix the cement for our families house there’s another mix of cement that is cementing all of these memories into to our hearts. For today is just a day and tomorrow is but a dream and if you follow your dreams today than there’s no turning back.  The greatest way to find happiness is not to look for it, but to give it to someone else.

– Shaleigh, LiveDifferent Hero Holiday Volunteer, Oceanside, 2014


Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 20th, 2014