Joni’s Story – Raised 100% of funds for her trip!

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I sent out letter to friends, family and local businesses asking if they would consider sponsoring me in my efforts. I also challenged them to go a week without coffee, or consider even giving up as little as $10 as every little bit helps. The $10 we spend on Tim Hortons each week is merely pocket change to us, but the ability to help someone else is so much more valuable. I have never had an issue raising the money, I try to send out thank-you cards when I return to allow my sponsors to know what I did and to see the difference they helped to make. It did cost me just over $100 to do this, but I was able to raise 100% of the funds for my trip. Below is an example of the letters I sent out to potential donors: Hola Amigas & Amigos, From August 15th to August 25th 2009 I will be participating in a humanitarian trip to Dominican Republic organized by Hero Holiday. They believe that this generation of Canadian youth has the capacity to positively affect change on the Earth. Throughout the year, they provide opportunities for students to participate in humanitarian relief projects by bringing practical assistance to those living in extreme poverty. Activities include building homes, distributing supplies, providing food, operating mobile medical clinics and working with children at risk. This summer I will be returning to Sosua, Dominican Republic with a medical team consisting of 40 nursing and medical students from the University of Western Ontario. Our group will consist of a number of RNs, two dentists and a doctor to run mobile medical clinics. We will also be helping with the ongoing construction projects, visiting a local orphanage and spending a day working with people who live in the local dump. Please consider joining me to help bring change to the lives of a community by helping me raise $2300. Cheques are payable to Hero Holiday; please also fill out the attached payment and donation form. Receipts will be issued for donations of $10 or more. My first payment deadline is March 15, 2009; however, donations will be accepted until June 30, 2009. Thanks for your consideration and being part of this outreach. Joni Renzella

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 22nd, 2010