The journey that awakened my soul

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“Change yourself, and the world changes”-Big Brother Ray

LiveDifferent and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada got together to deliver the gift of a new life, a gift of positive change, the gift of hope, the gift of laughter and love. We got to build a new home and a boys and girls club in the Dominican. What I experienced on this journey is unforgettable, pure enlightenment, life changing. I experienced the sense of belonging; the community we spend our time in welcomed us so freely and gave us their unconditional love. I was able to deeply appreciate how to live life simply and happy. After being on this trip, after being able to communicate with a new culture and see how other souls live their lives, I realized how ignorant I really was to poverty, and to global injustice. I realized how truly blessed I am for all that I have, especially as a women from Canada having a sense of safety, of privacy, and of freedom-I will never take it for granted.

I realized that the eyes are useless if the mind is blind. We must continue to come together and make change happen. We all have a heartbeat, we all deserve basic human needs. We must all know we are one. One love. We are love.

As the days went on, our bodies became more sore, our clothes more dirty, our minds more open, and our hearts filled with more love and compassion.

I am still having trouble putting my feelings and thoughts into words, I don’t know if they are describable.  the PEOPLE i was privileged enough to meet  have forever made an impact on my life, on my heart.

This was a journey that awakened my soul. 

I am so thankful for this opportunity.

With love and gratitude,

Big Sister Ali

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: January 2nd, 2015