A Laugh Sounds the Same in Every Language.

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After a very hyped trip from San Diego to the Baja, all participants started work today at their building sites. Split into two groups, the 32 heroes began to build accommodations for the much deserving families. The houses are beginning to look less like forgotten lumber and more like homes.Some highlights from today included: interesting rest room stops, amazing authentic tacos, the candy store, ice cream, laughs upon laughs, a dance party, and most recently an outdoor sing along to “Don’t Stop Believing.”Tonight consisted of a daily debriefing where everyone had a chance to talk about their observations, first impressions and plans for the week. Debriefing is a good chance for our individual build groups to become closer. Sharing about the feelings you’ve experienced with people who understand is comforting, and evening activities are also a great way to turn your new acquaintances into life long friends.Everyone is extremely outgoing which makes for an amazing trip. When participants feel accepted and at home, it creates a memorable experience. The dance party for example shows how everyone is relaxing in the Mexican environment and letting loose. And not only is everyone having a good holiday but they are also working hard too and getting lots accomplished.The locals are extremely impacting, from the mother at the one building site who made us lunch (despite the fact that she has six sons to support as well as herself on an income of under forty dollars a week!). Also, we met a boy from the community who has found himself in a wheelchair but still went throughout today with a gigantic smile on his face. He helped build and did all that he could and I think all of us could take something from that. Everyone we meet along the way will leave something in our hearts and we will most likely leave something in the hearts of others. So, as the earth cools, and the stars shine bright it is apparent we have all had time to realize the real impact of what Hero Holiday promotes.~ Greer and Hailee

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 5th, 2010