Laughter, Stories, and Love

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When I thought about going to do a LiveDifferent Build, I couldn’t wrap my head around what I would to actually experience. I could only try to picture the people I was going to meet and the house I was going to help build. I am pleased to say that the picture in my head was not as awesome as it actually here! I have never met such inspiring people in my life, including one of our families, Hilda and Fransicso. Their way of living might not be how we live in Canada or the US but they make it work, they laugh, they have love stories just like you and I, and they love each other unconditionally.

At first the family was a little bit shy of all of us, but today they started to come out of their shells and to build alongside us more and more. Hilda, the mother, was so excited to see the green apple paint color she had chosen for the outside of their new home and helped paint almost all day. Fransisco, the Father, and Havar, the Grandfather, came to help also after working his regular day job of delivering water. Lupe, the Grandmother, loved to paint and especially loved telling her loved stories about how she met Havar at such a young age!  Lastly, the children stole our hearts immediately. The language barrier means nothing when you’re laughing and playing soccer with them. They are fun and excited to have us all at the work site – even the neighboring kids come around to play!

Tomorrow is another day at the work site and everyone is saying how different everyday will be and I am so excited to experience it! I am so filled with hope for Hilda, Fransicso, Lupe, Havar, and all the children as we all continue to help build their new home.

Kaelin, LiveDifferent Volunteer, Mexico Public Trip, 2015

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 10th, 2015