A life-changing day!

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Today was a life-changing day, it was day two of building and making a change.  As we went into Arroyo Secco, Garcia was waiting our arrival with five women.  We broke up into pairs and each went with one mother or grandmother to their house.  These women were incredible.  They were so happy to see us come into their homes that they gave us a tour and showed us every detail of their home.  I went into a home that would have been the size of my kitchen area back in Canada but they have made it into four rooms with six people living there, (a grandmother, her brother, the father, and three sons).  Seeing how the grandmother worked around the house was an eye opener.  There was no dishwasher or laundry machine, everything was done by hand.  The way she cooked was like she was making a new creation.  No recipe or measuring cups, just her mixing different ingredients in and tasting it, adding the things she felt was missing. 

It amazes me how mature the children are in the household.  They do not have to be asked to clean something or pick something up and they always keep everything so tidy.  As we were watching and helping the grandmother cook lunch for the family, the nine-year-old boy mopped the floors while a six year old did the dishes.  Back home most of us as seventeen and eighteen don’t mop the floors or do the dishes and if we are asked to do something we complain.  This shows how much we take for granted. 

The grandmother walked around with so much pride in her house and was so glad we came.  When we left the boys and grandmother gave us big hugs and kisses and told us to visit any time. 

After leaving the grandmother’s house, we made our way to the building site, which has made a huge progress.  All the walls are up and have been covered in meccla.  I cannot wait for the rest of the week.  Tomorrow we are at the garbage dump, which will also be a life changing experience!

– Melani

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: April 24th, 2012