Lots of Time to Think

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It’s interesting how eventually things like sitting on cardboard around the fire-pit even though our pants are already dirty, eating the same thing nearly everyday and knowing the price of things at the grocery store become normal.

You learn a lot when you live in a shack made of cardboard boxes tied together by mop strings and plastic tubing. We now know how to start a fire in the dark and how to cook rice over that open fire without it being complete mush. I am also proud of us for learning how to barrel through tough situations by singing songs, playing games and just talking. But what I’ve learned the most is that being hungry sucks more than being wet and cold from clamming. And I’ve learned that one day of a sucky job is only one day and that it isn’t fair that people have to do it everyday to take care of their kids.

I guess it’s pretty obvious the shack lets you do a lot of thinking. As of today I don’t think I would want to do it for any longer than seven days but I am happy that I am doing it. I am okay with my last two days being tomato field work and rock picking because I know we can do it. For our day off I am not that bored thanks to all the thoughts the shack has left me with; that and we worked an extra half a day or extra money. I have also had time to spend, happy time, with my “three best friends that anyone could have” (I did say we sing to entertain ourselves).

Happy Sunday everyone and please be thankful for your pay cheques, pocket change, landscaping rocks and tomatoes. Because I know that this experience has made me thankful for the many things that pass through someone else’s hands for a wage less than our pocket change so that we can have an easier day.

Te amo, Hailee


Author: LiveDifferent

Date: October 18th, 2011