LoveLegacy: Showing up every month to support children makes a world of difference.

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We all have experienced the power of consistency—it is key for success in almost every area of our lives.

You don’t get into shape by going to the gym once, great relationships aren’t built over a single dinner, and you only achieve your financial goals through small increments over a long period of time.

Did you also know that this same principle is true for your favourite charities and causes?

As Wendy Smith puts it in her book ‘Give A Little’—dimes destroyed polio, and five bucks can beat malaria.

Children everywhere deserve an education, nutrition, safe drinking water, and the opportunity for freedom! As an organization, LiveDifferent operates in a rural hillside community in Northern Haiti—which is where we invite you to partner with us!

We have a school—where hundreds of children are receiving the education and nutrition that they need to thrive—and a soon-to-be-completed “Freedom Village” that will provide hope and healing to young girls who have been exploited. 

By becoming a LoveLegacy monthly partner, you’ll not only be helping children directly, but you’ll be part of creating a ripple effect that can lift families, communities, and even a nation out of poverty.

We anchor our monthly partnerships at $40 a month. Many people do more and some do less. Again, the power is in the consistency.

What does $40 achieve? Well, we’re glad you asked.

— We’ve been able to grow from 70 students and one classroom in 2011 and now support over 289 students in 11 classrooms.

— In Haiti, where less than 20% of schools are provided by the government and less than 10% of students receive an education past the primary grades, a generation of children are being given access to education all the way through to Grade 9.

— Over 140,000 meals have been served to date—with every student and staff receiving a meal every school day.

— Water is brought into the school for drinking, cooking, sanitation, and cleaning.

— Among all else, it contributes to paying for school uniforms, school administration, internet, property taxes, maintenance, security, government academic testing, professional development for teachers, field trips…. And so much more!

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Stats are all fine and good, but life is about people—so we’d like to introduce you to Sementha.

Sementha’s journey at Ecole L’Union started when she was in Grade 1, and over the last nine years, she’s had some wonderful times and made some incredible friends.

When we asked Sementha what she was going to miss most about Ecole L’Union, she said, “The meals! (laughter). I will miss my teachers and classmates too, of course.”

The meal program was something that Sementha always appreciated, and something that she hopes will continue for all future students. Having been at Ecole L’Union for almost a decade, she can remember what it was like before the program began.

“Having the meal program is important because when we are hungry at school, the meal is the only hope that most of us have.”

Lift children towards brighter futures and help provide education, nutrition, and freedom.

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Author: Joshua Dueck

Date: November 29th, 2021