Making a Change

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So far our journey has been much more than we expected it to be, as we have made connections and relationships with many people in the community. We have always wanted to help the less fortunate and make a change in our world. It is an incredible opportunity we have been given to not only accomplish this goal, but also to be accomplishing it together.

As our journey continues we are constantly learning and realizing how lucky we all are to be living in a country as wealthy as it is. We are so grateful to be exposed to the reality of the poverty that exists in our world as it has helped us grow and share our love for others.

We are so excited to see the impact that we have on this community and how both of our lives will change. We have grown very close to both families in which we are building for because of the stories they have told us, and the memories we share by building their home by their side.

Thank you to everyone who has helped made this experience possible.

Kristen & Kayla, LiveDifferent Builds Volunteers, Gonzaga 2015

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: April 22nd, 2015