Making Music and Making a Difference

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My name is Philip, and I’m the lead singer/guitarist of Quebec rock trio The Sound Approach. For the next four months, I will also be a member of Team 1 of LiveDifferent’s motivational productions division, which means I will be going from Ontario to Newfoundland (and everywhere in between), spreading a message of purpose and hope in Canadian high schools. So, only a few weeks & half a dozen shows into the experience, what are my first impressions? Here are some thoughts.

LiveDifferent is about being a part of something bigger, about being connected with the world. Just like making music. Music is universal, because it’s part of the universal human experience. As a band, we have always strived to ‘musically’ tap into that experience, to connect with people at an intimate level, and then use that connection to be an uplifting force, (I’m no fan of negative or hateful music). Making music involves drawing on your own life experiences and emotions, only to find that everyone around you is experiencing the same things but in a million different ways. Ever heard a song, and you could swear it was written about you or what you’re going through? I love music.
But where music is often but a form of art, LiveDifferent is a form of action. I took a semester off from university, (with only 10 credits remaining in my degree), missed out on graduating with the rest of my class, left my wonderful girlfriend behind for four months, and for what? It’s not for the pay, (we sign up on a volunteer basis)! Long days rehearsing, early mornings galore, eight hours of work and travel for a one-hour show, setting up and tearing down and loading up and tearing down the same stage day after day, and for what? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s for the sake of making a difference, of being a part of a movement that actually changes lives every day. The impact is real. LiveDifferent gives ME the opportunity to contribute to this greater cause, not just as a band or a musician, but as a person, as a human.
I went to high school, I know how impossibly crucial those years are when it comes to self-esteem, finding one’s identity, fitting in, relationships, etc. To be able to be a part of these presentations, which are expertly produced, well-delivered, moving, and hilarious all at the same time, and to bring them to students in their very own school, is such an awesome experience. The presentations recognize exactly where students are, and offer them inspiring messages of encouragement and hope.
You might have noticed that I haven’t been talking about myself or the band that much, and that’s because we’re not the main focus here!! We fix our eyes on the greater purpose, and we are honoured to use the gifts we have in order to contribute to this movement. Just as every person has value and purpose, every person on our team has an invaluable and important role and I am grateful for each of them. I urge all of you to strive to be part of something bigger than your own experience, it’s incredibly fulfilling!
The Sound Approach, as a band, as musicians, as people, will do all we can to stay true to this cause and to make the best of every minute.
Philip, LiveDifferent Team 1, Spring 2013

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 7th, 2013