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mandy.jpgIf you spend any time at all with Mandy, one of the first things you will realize about her is her sincerity. Mandy sincerely loves people, and she sincerely believes in reaching out to the world around her. As our bookings coordinator in LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute), Mandy is an integral part of our team that is working daily to bring hope to Canadian youth.

Each day, as you walk by her desk, you can hear her passionately describing LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute)’s Think Day presentation to teachers and principals on the other end of the line. She is good at what she does! But above and beyond that, Mandy chooses to also be a monthly philanthropist with LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) – because she believes in the vision of what she is a part of on a daily basis.I believe in LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) because our vision is all about youth and the potential they have to make a difference both today and as future influencers and decision makers. The way we run as an organization allows us to meet youth on many levels. Our Think Day presentations reach the entire cross-section of the youth population with character values, empowering them to make solid decisions for themselves and to live their lives with hope and purpose. Hero Holiday then provides those students with the opportunity to see what is going on out there in the world around them, within which they experience the power of tangibly making a difference at the ground level. Our School of Leadership, though much smaller in numbers, is continuing to take that even further as we empower our students to empower others. Together, I believe all of our programs are effective – I have seen and experienced the results for myself.I think I would choose to be a monthly philanthropist with LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) even if I didn’t work here, because I want to see LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) continue to be changing lives and growing its influence. What LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) is doing is relevant to youth culture on so many levels, and it is breaking ground in ways that are exciting and fresh. I want to see it continue to grow and thrive.I would encourage anyone who is looking for a way to be a part of something that is literally changing individual lives on a large scale to get behind what we do!Thanks, Mandy. We agree: we are all in this together!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: September 10th, 2010