March 1st – 10th, 2009 – Hero Holiday Group arrives in Mexico

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Some students left -30 degrees, some -20, and some left 15 cm of freshly fallen snow!  Everyone arrived safely in San Diego and have now moved on to their temporary home for the next 10 days in Mexico.Group photoThis picture was taken on the drive down to Vicente Guerrero yesterday afternoon.  We had stopped at a little abandonded rest area to stretch our legs and enjoy the view.the best taco stand in the world!ummmmmmmmmm... tacos!Tacos for supper!  It is always a real treat to enjoy the best tacos around on the first night in Mexico.   The stranger on the left seems to be really enjoying his taco…Family we are building for this weekThe families current houseinside the families current houseAbove Left – The family that we are building for this week.Above Right – The outside of their current house.Below – The inside of their current house.The building of their future house has begun!  The students are out working on it right now.  I talked to the father of the family we are building for this morning before the work crew arrived.”My heart is beating very fast!” he said with incredible anticipation.More pictures to come later today!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 2nd, 2009