Millions of Rocks!

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Early in the morning we left our house, a mansion compared to those around it, and dropped our few belongings in our “shack”. Our first job of the week was to pick rocks at the beach. The rocks picked on the beaches of Mexico are often sold and used for landscaping in the United States. So we sat down on the beach surrounded by millions of wet rocks, thinking that this would be an easy job. As we picked out the perfectly smooth, blue-ish gray rocks in specific sizes, we realized how mind-numbing and tedious this job truly is. By the end of the day we had picked about forty 5-gallon buckets of rocks and were more than ready to head home. Being a rather windy day, we had a few minor repairs to make to our casita (little house). We spent the remainder of our paycheck (200 pesos after rent, water and transportation) on drinking water, food for the next 24-hours and a few other necessities. In order to cook dinner we sent a few people out to collect firewood while the rest dug a hole for the fire. We successfully cooked a hearty meal of pasta with tomato sauce and hotdog wieners. We have never been so proud of a dinner! Although we were rather exhausted after the day, we know that tomorrow will be even more challenging. We have quickly come to the realization that our former lives are in fact quite glamorous.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: April 13th, 2012