Mme Paul

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Piling onto the bus you could tell how close we had all become through the laughter and jokes being thrown around. Today would be our final (full day) adventure in Haiti. Gathering some last minute donations we made our way to the local grocery store. Here we bought detergent, toilet paper and other household essentials for the orphanage we would be visiting today. They were also in need of your basic cooking supplies, so after the grocery store we pulled the bus over and made our way through the crowded streets of Haiti to purchase rice, beans, pasta, oil, etc. Having our bus packed full of donations we continued on our pulled up to a cement wall with a battered red gate separating us from all the children on the other side. Before we could get off Cole told us that today we were parents, that we should love, hold, play with as many children as possible. Then we met Mme Paul, to explain her look would be to say she is everyone’s grandmother. She greeted us with open arms, smiles and kisses. Frantzo was able to translate the story of the orphanage to us.  Mme. Paul started her orphanage 20 years ago with 15 children and today she has over 120 (121 to be exact). It was amazing how this women just bursted with love!Off to the side we could see the make shift classrooms lined up along the outside wall of the yard. Even with a bus full of blanc’s pulling in, they kept their cool and continued with their studies. At least until the bell rang. Then with stampedes of laughter the children quickly found someone to hang on to. As we played it was hot to say the least, but these children, our new friends, didn’t mind and neither did we. Imagine having only a few people to say goodnight to 121 kids…some of my most cherished moments as a child were night time stories spent with my father. How would they be able to share so much time with such little resources? However they managed, these children had a family, Mme Paul made sure of it.There was laughter, crying and confusions throughout the yard as we passed out toys, circle.jpgwater and bags of chips. Looking at these kids is unlike anything I could explain. What is their story? There are kids looking after babies and babies learning how to look after themselves. It was a pleasure to see them playing jump rope and have their little faces light up when you play the simplest of games. All good things must come to an end though, and with hugs we said our goodbyes.Before the night could be over we had our final debrief, followed by a slide show of our days spent together in Haiti.Time to pack!By Liz

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: May 11th, 2011