My first day on the job.

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P7184875P7184869 So far, the first day on this trip has exceeded our expectations. Today we went to Bernard’s house, where we filled the foundation of his new house with sand. We got so much more done than we thought we would, thanks to the great weather and extreme teamwork. Before lunch at the work site, we met some local kids that ran around us as we worked. The kids just enjoyed our company, they liked to know our names and ran around screaming them, they were so sweet. We realized that the kids love to talk to you even if you can’t understand them, they also love to play fight. This was a great first! We came only knowing each other but have already made so many new friends, we are excited for the rest of the trip and the adventures to come.Anna & Chloe- Students

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 18th, 2008