Nancy Bunting

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Nancy in D.R.Every day, Nancy goes to a job that is not only challenging, but is also about progress. She is a site supervisor for Prominent Homes in Simcoe, Ontario. Together with the crew that she leads, she is responsible for getting the home ready for the brick and concrete work and for what will eventually become an impressive custom built home. And now, she is starting to realize what change can look like on a bigger scale.

Nancy is a single mom. Her daughter, Jasmine, is 5 years old and together they are choosing to make a difference in the world around them. Nancy’s sister, Nettie, works for LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) as our program administrator. Nettie has been on many Hero Holidays around the Nancy and the Teamworld and has been impassioned with what change can look like. This past Christmas, after seeing the difference in her older sister, Nancy decided to experience Hero Holiday for herself. Along with the Bunting family, Nancy and Jasmine joined us in Dominican Republic for a Christmas that they will never forget. Together with the other Hero Holiday participants, they helped to build a home, work with Haitian refugees in a garbage dump, and host Community Christmas parties in villages that desperately needed some Christmas cheer.I asked Nancy why she is choosing to be a monthly partner with LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute); what makes her want to share her limited resources with us? Here’s what she said:”I like knowing where my money is going and I can see the results all the time in what happens in LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute). I can see how it’s like two countries are being changed at the same time: both here at home and in the country where Hero Holidays are happening. I feel like it is making my money go further and reach so many more people. This is something everyone should experience. My heart has been so filled with joy and excitement after Hero Holiday and now I can continue to do something by being a monthly partner.”Nancy totally gets it. Dreams are meant to be realized, but they are also meant to be shared. For all the ‘Nancy’s’ out there who are working to make a difference, thanks!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: April 8th, 2010