A New Extended Family

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Amazing is one way to describe today.  In the morning I did the Day in the Life program. Three of us students, along with a teacher and a translator, went to a house in the community to see how they spend their days. We cooked and cleaned and played with the kids. It was a blast! We asked them many questions and, even though there was a language barrier, I still felt so connected to them. They called us their family, we laughed together and for a moment it felt normal to be there laughing with them having a good time.
When they showed us around the house it was an eye-opening experience.  There were holes in the roof, and their bathroom was covered by a tarp. The mother told us that when it rains sometimes the tarp blows away and it is left uncovered. That left me in shock and I lost for words. Thinking that a place that should be private just could not be, and that she could not do anything about it, was challenging. Her daughter was adorable and she gives the best high fives. The thing that stuck out most to me was when we asked her what he would change about her house if she could. She did not reply at first, and then she said she would like it to be bigger so she could fit all five of her kids. 
Today was fantastic; I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!
– Olivia, Carson Graham Volunteer, LiveDifferent 2015


Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 12th, 2015