Nikki’s Canadian Travels…

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So we have been on the road for just about two months, and let me tell you it has been quite the experience. We have had an incredible time so far! 

Canada is about a million times more beautiful than I could have ever expected and the funny thing is that I live in Canada. Our team has been touring the east coast and my favourite place by far has been Newfoundland. The northernroad3 part of Newfoundland is not like anywhere else I have ever been, especially with no cell phone service for three weeks. Everyone there is so welcoming and friendly all of the time, even though it is almost impossible to understand their accents. The point is that we have made so many amazing memories and friends. We have had the chance to meet a lot exciting people that have opened their homes to us, including a very sweet man who happens to keep dead squirrels in his freezer.  It amazes me how kind people are and how willing they are to offer us a place to sleep and a fridge to eat out of.  Between the ten of us that is A LOT of groceries.

road7  It seems like the bus is becoming a lot like home, only my home doesn’t smell as much like feet and farts.  It’s all part of the experience : ) Our group is becoming more like a family everyday. The first part of tour has been completely amazing, and we are so lucky to have been able to spend it with our friends from New Zealand, All Left Out and Mama Gem. It is sad to say goodbye, but also exciting because there are a lot more fun times to be had on our gorgeous yellow school bus. I have been more than lucky to start this adventure with LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) and am so excited about everything that I see with a new perspective.  I know this experience is helping me to learn what I want to do with the rest of my life.

Nikki ~ School of Leadership Student

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: November 17th, 2008