Ninja Kicks

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This past week has been a great week on tour with Team Ninja! We had a great weekend in Hamilton visiting friends and hanging out at the Magill house. Some of the team drove to Canada’s Wonderland and proceeded to get themselves sick from rides and bad food. I was not willing to pay for that kind of entertainment. Early Monday morning we left Hamilton for tour again and where we started with a few shows in the GTA. Christal and Ashley came to one of our shows to get some video footage and also to spend some time with the team. It was great to see them both again. We then traveled to Ottawa and have spent the last few days with the Lobban family. They are amazing people and have been treating us like Kings and Queens.

Friday we spent the day in Maniwaki, Quebec. We did a workshop in the morning and then after lunch we did a show. We were able to hang out with the students for most of the day and they were amazing students. The band even did an encore song for them after the show. We had time in between the workshop and the show to bond as a group. Some of us picked up random instruments and started to play Johnny Cash. It had us all in tears laughing and caught the attention of the students. It is moments like that, that make the best memories on the road. Later that night we finished the day at a small restaurant; one of the Lobban’s favorites where we celebrated the birthdays of both Jamie and Jacob. There were lots of laughs! Today a few of us went down town Ottawa to see the parliament buildings and there was a zombie walk. Hundreds of people were dressed up as zombies. It was an amazing sight.

On another note, I would like to welcome to the team, Tim Sailor. He will be our new bass player that is replacing Jacob. Unfortunately Jacob has to leave tour due to health reasons. I am sure that Tim will be a great fit. We may need to teach him some Ninja kicks.

Brett, Road Team Manager


Author: LiveDifferent

Date: October 24th, 2011