Oh, What a Party!

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5720_100520600325_95760375325_2236061_864781_n Today was the community party, which was one of my favorite days of my Hero Holiday to the Dominican Republic. This is my second time to the DR and we always end the week off with party in one of the communities that we work in. This week it was in the community where a lot of the people who work in the garbage dump live and was host to our sports camp all week.I love the parties because we know that all the kids and families are so excited to have us. It was really nice to see everyone so happy. The kids were happy to play with us and the parents were so happy for the meal. (Roasted Pig, rice, and tons of fruit). My favorite part was when all the buses pulled up, the second we all hopped off the children were already holding our hands. It reminded me of how you can make a child happy by the 5720_100520545325_95760375325_2236052_8322480_n simplest of gestures, like holding their hand, or even just smiling at them. I also loved when we played music all the villagers know the songs we did, it was a way of communicating with them even if we did not speak the same language.Personally, I feel like this day was even more exhausting than the work sites only because these kids have so much energy. It is really hard to keep up, but being tired at the end is totally worth it! I am glad we had this opportunity to show the community that we value them and spend more time with them.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 13th, 2009