One more day to go…

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I can’t believe this is the second to last work day. How fast did the time fly by! It’s all hands on deck – well, almost! – at the school to try to finish the walls on the second level and the roof. I went to the orphanage yesterday. We fed the kids breakfast and played with them, rubbed their backs and loved them to bits. What a difference in their responses since the first team visited last week. They are more repsponsive and smiling. It’s amazing what a little love can do! We had to pull our teary-eyed kids away when we announced it was time to go.

At the site where the pipeline is being laid, there’s been a gringo versus Dominican soccer tournament going on. The last half hour work the soccer ball comes out and it’s DR kids versus the Canadian kids. They apparently beat us shamefully two days ago, but yesterday it was a tie. Haven’t heard today’s report.

This morning we went to the dump again. It’s been a really hot day, 32 degrees with 71% humidity, according to the weather network, feels like 46 degrees. The “aroma” was stepped up a notch from the last day we went. We brought groceries this time: 100 bags of rice, 100 bags of beans and 100 bottles of oil. I think the grocery store employees were puzzled when the gringos came in to place their order! I couldn’t believe the line-up for just a simple handful of basic staples. It was heartbreaking. The need is always greater than the supply. We also ran a medical clinic at the dump today. One truck was the clinic and the other truck was the “pharmacy”. Not your average Canadian health care facility!

One more day to go. We’ll make it a good one!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 19th, 2006