Our Last Work Day

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It is so hard to believe Trip One is nearly done. Today was our last day of work on the building projects. Everyone is sad to think about leaving but happy to see how much we accomplished in such a short time. This first picture is the upstairs level at Arroyo Seco. The walls are nearly all smooth-coated and we’ve started the walls which will make four classrooms.


This is the trench that will eventually be a fence surrounding the entire property.


This is the fence going up at the front of the property.


The School at Cangrejo.


And we can’t forget the bano…


And the girls who dug the bano!

r-Latrine duty 

Tomorrow is the final day for Trip One. It’s a day to go back to both sites and say good-bye. We are also having a community party at Arroyo Seco. Yesterday we spent hours sorting all of the gifts our students brought. We have 400 gift bags for the kids tomorrow. We’ll be sure to take some pictures. Then it’s a couple of days off for those of us who are here for the next group. I might even get some time to actually write a proper blog with feelings and stories and such!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 11th, 2007