Our staff are spending a night in Aguas Negras to help raise funds to build a home for a family this summer!

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Cole Brown, LiveDifferent’s awesome Hero Holiday Co-ordinator in DR and Haiti is sleeping in one of the towns we work in tonight to bring awareness to the conditions of the homes that many amazing and hard-working families have no choice but to live in. Check out this video, and donate towards our fundraiser by clicking the link below to help provide a home for a family this summer!

Check out some of Cole’s Instagram pictures from last night, where he documents the house and family that our staff stayed with!

Sleeping in the slums.

These guys stay up later than I do!

Morning view.

Long, loud, dirty uncomfortable, no sleep night for me.

Just another night for everyone else here.

Morning bano.

Morning coffee!

And then check out the videos they posted throughout the night!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 2nd, 2012