Participant Highlights – Seycove Secondary in Mexico

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When asked the question… What was the highlight of your day?Dan (parent) – The highlight of my day was picking the family up in the bus and taking them to the work site. It was a shock to see who was sleeping outside on the mattress behind the house. It was great to see their excitement as we pulled up. When we were working, one of the men was working alongside us. He noticed the boards that were off and needed to be re-nailed. He had pride in the work we were doing together.11 16 Taylor (student) – The most surprising part was finding the deer slayer (the bug that eats the scorpion) in the new outhouse when we arrived on the site. A highlight would be seeing the homes that the family live in as well as the one down the street that was made out of clothes, tarps and other materials. 8 13 Robbie (student) – Seeing the accomplishment of the house walls going up and the seeing the structure take shape. Putting the roof on and me and Emily kicking butt on the saws. It was a lot of fun today, and everyone worked really well together, there was a lot that got done. 9 after day two of building

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 7th, 2008