Penticton Students Head to Mexico For The 7th Consecutive Year!

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It is a pleasure for us to host students from Penticton again this year in Mexico.  For the last 7 years they have been leaving penticton faithfully coming and have made an incredible contribution, building over 20 homes and a couple of primary schools in the Vicente Guerrero Area.One of the unique things about this group is that every year they insist of traveling to and from Mexico on our Hero Holiday bus!  They can share countless stories with you about the good times on the road together!  They left Penticton yesterday morning and were slowed up for a few hours with traffic at the border in the Seattle area.  After getting out of that they spent a few hours of the side of the road this morning in Northern California because one of the mountain passes were experiencing some poor weather.  They just texted me fromhwy reopened the road a few minutes ago to let everyone know that conditions have improved and they are on the go again.  The delays were insignificant and they should still arrive in San Diego this evening as planned.  Stay tuned for more updates of their trip, both here and on our Facebook page ( only are we anticipating another successful year of building and fun, but this group has many local friends in Mexico who are eagerly waiting their arrival!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 20th, 2011