Presentation training for the Family

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Hollllla!! So its week two of LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) and we are having a fabulous time. Things have been very exciting around the office, apartment and the busses : where we will soon call home. Everybody is starting to get adjusted to their new lives and friendships. There are lots of changes being made, not many of us can say that we have lived in a house with five other girls before or lived on a bus for  the matter. Both teams have been running through the shows non-stop and learning a new set of skills like, sound, lighting, set up and tear down SOL Girls being silly stage gear as well as public speaking. It has been very interesting learning all about the complications of technology, kind of a heart attack waiting to happen for some of us. I guess we could say that hectic is a pretty good word to describe the last few days. As nerve racking as all of it can be we are adjusting as quick as possible and becoming more and more comfortable each day. Which is probably   a good thing considering we are packing up to live on a bus pretty soon. What makes everything a bit easier is how quickly friendships between the students, staff and bands are forming, it seems like we are becoming our own funny sort of family.Nikki – A student attending the School of Leadership

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: September 9th, 2008