Presenting Houses and Hitting Beaches in Mexico

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On Sunday, we presented 3 families, who had been living in tiny cardboard shacks with 5 to 8 people each, keys to nice new fully furnished houses that we had build in just 4 days!! These families were so happy and grateful for their new homes that it made it quite an emotional experience for our team members.   To celebrate, 2 of the families came out to the beach with our crew.  Although they only live about 10km from the beach, they had only been to the ocean once before (as they don’t have the means to afford transportation there), and they were so excited to go swimming and spend time with us on the beach. They kept asking us to print them a group picture of everyone on the beach, so that they would be able to remember this special day.  What a great way to top off such a momentous day!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 25th, 2009