Real Mexican Life.

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73466_445418965325_95760375325_5528848_1755317_n.jpgMany people in Mexico live in what we call a ‘shack’ – a shack is made up of any random things you can find. Cardboard, crates, plastic, garbage, etc. Let your imaginations wander, because what you can imagine…is probably correct. This has become something that I’m very used to seeing, as when I look out my window I see them all over. Never did I think that I would get to live in one of these shacks.Starting on Thursday (Oct. 21st) the seven of us are moving out of the house to experience real Mexican life. We went into stores’ garbage dumps and walked along the highway to find pieces of cardboard, wood and plastic to make a house. By house I mean shack. Our shack is just across the street from our house, in a lot that has a smaller house on it.67318_445417925325_95760375325_5528830_2636948_n.jpgTo experience real Mexican life, we will be working jobs that Mexicans here would work, such as clamming (finding clams in the sea at whatever hour of the day…or night…the tide chooses), rock picking (literally…picking nice rocks on the beach for landscaping), working in the fields, or lawn/maintenance work at houses. We’ll earn 300 pesos a day in total (just under $30) and will be deducted randomly on some days various bills that a Mexican might face, like someone stealing their frying pan or unexpected medical bills. We have to pay rent and for our own clean water, firewood and food. We have a very limited packing list…and it all sounds very scary! I am a bit nervous – just because I’m unsure what to expect. But I am excited. It will definitely be an experience to see what people here in Mexico, here in our neighbourhood even, go through every day. Go team!!71986_445420255325_95760375325_5528871_4885071_n.jpgJessica Maynard and Alex Pearce, School of Leadership Students living in Mexico

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: October 21st, 2010