The Realization

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It’s the last night.  Hero Holiday is my very first trip outside of North America and right now I’m not even sure I can adequately put into words what this experience has been for me.  As I re-read that statement, I am again reminded that this trip really isn’t about me, but about each and every person we meet down here.

 Every night each team has a “debriefing” about their day where everyone has a chance to talk about what each experience has taught them or how it has re-defined what life is really about.  Tonight was the last debrieifing in our separate teams.  As I sat back and looked around at each of my team members (who completely rock my world!! … go Glen’s Gringas -2A .. and 2B), I was in awe.  Even though each of us are from different countries, cities and towns, ethnic backgrounds, life experiences, and families, we can all put those things aside for 10 crazy-amazing days and change the lives of thousands of people!

Today, I had the privilege to re-visit a village called Congrejo.  It’s a poverty-stricken village right off of the highway.  As I walked through the village again, I was wrecked!  The people here are so genuine – they give you what little they have .. with their whole hearts.  One of the groups I took to the village today sang for some of the village kids and they returned the favour with gusto.  They were dancing and singing to a CD.  I closed my eyes for a minute and was taken to a different place where dignity was extended without reserve – where it didn’t matter if you were on the lucky end of the “opportunity stick.”  I watched these kids’ little faces, and wanted to be the person who stands beside them, cheering them on … telling them that there is no limit to their dreams and to make sure nothing, not even current situations, crush their hopes.  I now realize that I can still be that person.

Canada, the Dominican Republic, Denmark, England, etc. – these are just countries, places.  They should not limit our potential or dictate whether or not we can make a difference.  In fact, rather than try to persuade people to change the world, let’s “be the change we want to see in the world” (Ghandi).  Thank you Hero Holiday for allowing me to see the world and begin the change.


Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 23rd, 2007