RFC Group – A Completed School!

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Friday Blog April 2nd 2010 

So today was our last day of working on the school and everyone was feeling much better than yesterday! We spent most of the day doing finishing touches such as: finishing painting trim, painting the rest of the playground, painting a sign for the school, installing doors, and putting the bars over the windows (but painting them first). So overall . . . LOTS of painting! We are very happy with the job that we completed and we all worked hard to achieve this goal. We spent the last half hour on the site just playing with the kids. It will be a sad day when we are not able to see those kids again.

Tomorrow we will be going shopping to buy some more school supplies to fill all the back pack. Then after that, there will be a dedication of the school where there will also be an important Mexico vs. Canada soccer game (stay tuned for the end results)!!


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Student Participant – RFC

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: April 3rd, 2010