The right fit

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I’ve never been here before, so why is it that after only a few days, I’m comfortable here? The people are welcoming, the hotel is secure, the ocean is alarming and supportive at the same time… No, it’s something closer to home.

Meeting at the airport, I was fairly certain I would know no one. Some of the names seemed familiar, but I definitely wasn’t embarking on this journey with my best friend. It was a bit intimidating and lonely to not know anyone, but I knew it would only be a matter of time. How did I know that?

Once we reached the island, some of us were told who we would be bunking with – again, another risk. How do you know? Why is it that my roomie and I have had no trouble getting along? In fact, after just a couple of days, it feels like I’ve known her for years. I’ve considering myself lucky, but I don’t know that I expected anything different.

I’ve been watching everyone and learning, through body language and conversations, how everyone is handling the situations we have encountered. How might one person deal with the variety of emotions we have been facing? Who needs to talk about it and who might to take some time to process what they have seen, heard or smelled?

People of all backgrounds, walks of life and from all the corners of Canada, have chosen to be here. We each decided, for our own reasons, this was an experience we couldn’t miss. Each of us has had our own struggles down here, emotional or physical.  We have become individual pieces of an inconceivable whole.

Houses being built with scarcely more than a foot between walls; block being laid upon block. My job was to make sure there was enough mortar between the layers of blocks to help make a strong wall. But sometimes, the mortar wouldn’t stick. Girls in the house next door were doing the same, saw my dilemma and reached over to help. Different teams, different houses, but one goal. We’re going to make sure these houses are finished, good and strong, and with a few laughs (and some tears) as our mortar dries.

If the rumours are true, we were hired for personality first. Here, this has never been so evident. 


Lauren Diemer, Flight Attendant


Author: LiveDifferent

Date: November 13th, 2013