Safe Travels, Safe Arrivals – Seycove Secondary in Mexico

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Day Three in Mexico for Seycove Secondary from Vancouver, BC. The Tijuana/San Diego border crossing was a breeze. We pulled the bus up to the busiest international border in the world, more vehicles pas through there each day than anywhere else, and Andrew, the driver, and I got out. Not sure who has ever been through the Tijuana border before. You pull up to it in a car and go into a lane, it is a rare day to have a three car wait, mostly because of the speed of processing. You pull through and get a light, green says ‘pase’ and off you go, some of the cars racing ahead, or you get a red light saying ‘revision’ and you pull over. Buses area bit different. Each time there seems to be a variety of options of hoops they could ask you to jump through. This time, we pulled up and got out of the bus. The border guard took us to the light, and Mr. Olsen (Rob) pressed the button. Green. ‘Pase’. No more questions. We were on our way. Safe travels and safe arrivals. Everyone unpacked and headed to the beach for some relaxing time in the afternoon, then back to the dorms for the first of many delicious Mexican meals prepared for us by our cook Amelia. After some cross cultural orientation, people headed off to bed. I haven’t gotten one comment yet about the roosters, perhaps someone had chicken stew and there aren’t as many around this time. A note of thanks goes out to Andrew and Dawn Bernardi, our bus drivers and co-leaders from Hope, BC. This is Dawn and Andrew’s second time to Mexico with Hero Holiday this year, and we are looking forward to having them here again in August. They are old hats at life around here in this part of the Baja, and their efforts are appreciated. group shot

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 6th, 2008