School of Leadership Begins…

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 A Note from Kristi: a student in our SOL program,

 All of us students arrived between Tuesday and Wednesday, eager and excited as to what was about to handed over to us, and not SOL 1 really knowing what was to be expected in the least. The girls; Nikki, Tara, Teijna, Adele and myself; settled in with our awesome resident supervisor Gem Tuesday night, taking quickly to the idea of having a place of our own. Josh was set to arrive on Wednesday, and get settled in with the bands over at the boy’s dorm. Getting settled and comfortable in our new place was amazingly easy as everyone at LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) is so great, and continually tries so hard to make us feel at home here.

Nettie and Meghan showed all of us girls around Hamilton on Wednesday, helped us to get our footing in the city, and told us a little bit about what was about to become our lives. And on Thursday, the festivities began.

Thursday morning was our first “class” if you could call it that. It started out with us meeting Josh, the one boy to join our awesome little group and he defiantly added to our dynamic. Now fully equipped with an amazing group of students, we started to our days work. Sometime tedious but always fun, we did our paperwork and started on the basics of what our program really expects. While drudging through papers, we got to know each other a little better and found ourselves pretty intrigued as to what our next class would bring.That night we found ourselves amongst almost every LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) employee and friend, at a BBQ. We spend the evening eating and chatting it up with what seemed like a million different amazing people, each one just as equally shocking and welcoming as the last. We returned home pumped up and looking forward to seeing all these people on a day to day basis, slightly nervous as to all SOL 2 the interesting moments to come.

Friday morning [this morning] was a fresh day, and off we went to the office building to start the rough task of sharing our stories together and working on putting the show together. We learned a lot about ourselves, and our teams. It was a long day, filled with raw emotion and complete closeness within our little group turned family.

IMG_1418_edited Tomorrow morning it has been planned to take us all to Toronto, which seems to have some pretty interesting prospects. That being said I think it’s time for us all to crawl into bed, and get ready for another busy day.


Author: LiveDifferent

Date: September 4th, 2008