The Shack Experience – Day #4: A Day off

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A day off usually consists of vegging out at home which is equipped with snacks, entertainment, and usually a big comfy chair. But when the SOL’s  were confronted with a day off we had nothing but time to carry us through the day. We started off with walking our kids to church to save the extra expense for transportation, and on our way back, we decided to splurge on peanut butter and marshmallows. Mmm!Once we got back, we realized it hadn’t even reached lunch time. So we got out some sleeping bags and laid them across the sand in the shade. Instead of wasting our time on our computers, like we usually do with our free time, we actually had the opportunity to have a conversation. Mexicans base everything on relationship and working together as a community instead of the individualistic/task orientated life style that we are used to in Canada. After we had talked about the hot topics we decided to cool off with a nice shower. Our shower is set up like a teepee, so when it is windy it is easy for it to fall down. Which is exactly what happened while one of the students were showering a huge gust of wind knocked over the teepee! The showers that we have been taking consisted of a pot of water (warmed on a fire) and a hand full of soap each. This manages to get all of us got sqeeky clean.To kill our boredom, we decided to walk up the mountain (well, it’s more of a hill). The scenery is beautiful from the mountain. The only problem is that the wind was so strong, we could barely keep our eyes open. We quickly learned that if you lie down the wind was not as strong. So as we all laid there, encased in the wind around us, we had all found peace and relaxation. In conclusion, we found that when all the high tech electronics, easy to munch on snacks, and a big comfy lazy boy are taken away, you are able to actually build relationships and find peace within yourself.~  A School of Leadership Student living in a shack

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: October 6th, 2009