The Sisterhood starts the house

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We started the day with excitement and enthusiasm. We came here with a mission and finally we began the project. Upon arrival at the work site, we had to be taught different aspects of how to build this house. For us this meant we were learning jobs from mixing the motar and cement to brick laying and tying the rebar. We were eager learners and tried our hands at every task. The team that Jacinta put together is amazing. We enjoyed working together as a team and we became more empowered as the day went on. 
Paulina watched from the side as we built her house and I can only imagine the thoughts running through her head. The children were running around us as we worked and several community members dropped by to give a helping hand. Despite our language barriers we learned how to work side by side. The translators were a great help when it came to certain details and were always eager to chat. Paulina loves to talk and when we engaged in a conversation with her our translators made it possible for us to really connect with her. 
To realize that we are bringing so much hope to those in poverty is empowering. Not only are we changing the lives of those in poverty, but we are changing our own lives. How can we return home and say that we have not been changed? This trip will change our outlook on so many aspects of our lives. The people here have taught us how to look after each other, to appreciate what you have and above all to be happy. 
Today was rewarding, exciting and fun.
June – Raising the roof volunteer – 2013

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: June 24th, 2013