The snow is gone and it is now 25 degrees out!

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Dear family and friends,  The School of Leadership Students have arrived safely in Mexico!  After traveling for approximately twenty-two hours, the vehicles finally pulled down the little dirt road towards the ‘new home’.  Friday we had a brief orientation, checked out the local candy store, spend some time on the beach, and hit up the best taco stand in town!  Saturday was a day off to relax, unpack and unwind.Today (Sunday) was “Race Day”.  The Hero Holiday fleet (3 vehicles) were the fortunate ones to start the race off at the beginning of the line up!  This race (Poker Rally) was a fundraiser for a lady who had an accident and needs back surgery.  The pathfinder came is 2nd over all!wtching race

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: February 2nd, 2009