Some Final Highlights from St. Louis Travel Club

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Some Highlights from our experiences with Hero Holiday.

-Everything we’ve done here in the Dominican that we would of never done at home.

-working at the garbage dump and watching my partner Carlos find a bottle of water and using it to wash his hands and feet.

-The movie night was a real highlight for most of us too, the way the screaming kids swarmed the bus as we arrived, cuddling with the kids while watching the movie and some fell asleep on us, and how safe the kids felt with us. Its amazing how something so simple as sitting and watching a movie with them could make them so happy and feel so close to you.

-being swarmed by kids at Auga Negra on the play morning who all wanted to try our cameras and see themselves in the pictures. They would get a big smile on their face. They enjoyed all the time we spent with them.

-The special feeling we felt when cuddling the little kids. Some wouldn’t let us go.

-The people were so happy and great, always smiling. They made the best out of life, better than we do back at home. They were always so willing to help.

-The whole attitude of the people, how they have so little and yet so proud. And they should be! They are the most unselfish people we have ever met. We just want to make a difference, I know we just made our first step….. WE ARE ALL HERO’S!

-we also loved working along side of all the locals, they were so fun, even though we had a language barrier. We always seemed to let each other know what we wanted, with the help of our interpreters FRANTZO and JESSICA. Lots of laughs lots of tears.

-The mother of one of the houses we built. Her name is Lucia. She was a wonderful person. We could have many conversations with her, sometimes with the interpreter and sometimes not, both ways was wonderful. Lucia always had a huge smile and a hug for you when she would see you, especially in the morning when we would arrive at the work site. Lucia, Marko (husband), and one of their sons (Raphael) worked with us everyday. She will always be remembered!

-stopping and washing clothes on the porch with a lady from Auga Negra. Neither of us knew what the other was saying, but we were able to connect doing a simple task.

During this experience, I have to say that seeing all the kids of St. Louis working & playing along side all the kids of the Dominican. THAT WAS SO AWESOME TO SEE! Too see the change within our kids & the growing they have done as individuals. I look forward to seeing what they decide to do with this experience when we get home.

Ms. Piercey


THANK YOU HERO HOLIDAY TEAM! You’ve given us something we will never forget.









Day 8

OUR LAST CONNECTION with the people of Auga Negra……DEDICATION DAY.

We had to make a quick stop on our way to Auga Negra at La Sirena(kind of like Superstore). A few of us went and helped purchase some groceries and household items for the 2 families. That was very exciting to be able to do that. We were able to purchase both families a double bed and a propane stove. It was a very rewarding moment when we dedicated all of this to them. We shared a lot of the same emotions, hugs & smiles. It felt like we were now united as one big family. WOW! IT WAS AN AMAZING FEELING ONE WILL TREASURE FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES…



St. Louis Travel Club


Author: LiveDifferent

Date: February 26th, 2011