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Over the last few days we have all been lucky enough to spend time in Mexico experiencing the hot sun, blue skies and importantly the friendly ways of the Mexican culture. Our small group has been growing closer as we work together to complete the common goal of building a home for a deserving family. We have been working along side Isaisas, who could likely be the most hard-working, deserving and kind hearted man that I have ever had the privilege of knowing.Each day we head out to the work site where we are greeted by a friendly group of Mexicans as our work crew made up of Hero Holidays Participants, School of Leadership Students and LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) employees start the day. It amazes me how such a diverse group of people with very few similarities can come together and work for one goal. In the last few days we have put together the basis of the house, painted most of the walls, finished the roof and set up the beginnings of the ‘bano’. Although many of us have never picked up a hammer before or dreamed of laying tar and roofing shingles it seems to come to us in a way that this is shockingly easy. We have a few more finishing touches to complete before we get to work on a roof for the house next door which is an exciting new project that was announced today. The compassion of the group shines through everyday when it comes to things like playing with the kids, sharing the delicious lunches prepared for us, the gentle way in which we are taught how to do something new or even purchasing bracelets from one of the little girls near the work site. It is very fulfilling to know that each little step we make brings us one step closer to providing a home for a family and helping to bring the community closer together.the roofing crewSomething that really stands out in my mind, is the willingness to grow, share and love that Isiasas possesses. Every morning we are greeted with a warm smile and a hand shake and throughout the rest of the day he is there to help us and enable us to do the job properly. It is not hard to tell that he is putting his soul into the project in everything he does, whether it is helping the students, lifting heavy pieces of shingling or even with a simple swing of the hammer is done with a smile and often times a song. His dedication in everything he does truly inspires me to work harder. Today, we met the rest of his family and shared a lunch with them. Each member of the family we met made such a great effort to communicate with us, with little fear of saying the wrong thing. I think that we can definitely take a lesson from that, as the most important thing is making a connection, and a lot of the time words are almost secondary to a smile, knowing look or a laugh. I cannot wait until tomorrow morning to see Isiasas’ smiling face and hear him welcome us with a friendly ” Good morning ladies and gemberlies”  and to see what we can complete throughout another day under the Mexican sun.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 4th, 2009