Stronger bonds and greater memories…

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Fourth day of the build and all the teams headed out to the work sites, excited because all the houses are nearing completion. Everyone was getting excited after watching and helping put the walls up, raising the roof and watching the piles of wood and nails begin to look like a house. As some of the students were busy adding finishing touches, like fixing up the paint and building shelves and counters, the rest of their teams spent some more time with the families and local 098 children. The local kids have all fallen for the teams, looking forward to a little healthy competition and time dedicated just to them. As I jumped from site to site I seen some groups letting the kids help with the painting, some groups starting up a soccer game or two, and some groups simply enjoying the children’s company. Nothing is more exciting for the little ones than to get a “capuchi” (also known as a piggy back) or play a ongoing game of tag. Whether they spent day 4 playing with the kids or working on the house, everyone put in a lot of hard work and a lot of love to make these house builds the best they could be.IMG_1096 These teams work together amazingly well, proving that nothing can get in the way of their goals. In conversation with leaders and hero holiday staff I have found that every team is made up of kids from all different age groups, friend circles, and all have completely different personalities. From the outside looking in, I never would have guessed that these kids were not best friends who had spent their entire lives side by side. They are all friendly enthusiastic young people, their compassion for these families bringing them together in laughter and hard work. Whether they came here as friends, or only acquaintances I have no doubt that everyone will leave here on Thursday with stronger bonds and great memories together.IMG_1009 All of our houses are almost finished, one more day of touch ups and furniture shopping to turn them into a finished house. (Shopping day on Monday) The families all have big smiles on their faces, knowing that the new friendships they formed this past week, have not only brought them joy this week but also a brighter future.  And the participants all have big smiles on their faces, knowing that they helped out a deserving family on their holidays.Buenos Noches.Kristi

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 23rd, 2009