Taking the night train to Bangkok

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That sounds like it should be a song title… “Night Train to Bangkok.”

Anyhow, We have left northern Thailand and headed south. After 14 hours on a train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok we jumped inot vans and ended up in Pattaya – a massive tourist area.

We visited a children’s home where we cleaned the building, did some yard work, and most importantly, played with some really great kids!

Right now, as I type this our participants are checking out some night markets and, of course, eating. I am sitting in one of dozens of internet cafes here in Pattaya enjoying a nice cappucino.

The rest of our time here in Thailand will be spent in this area. Time is growing short and we are starting to realize this trip is almost over. It’s bittersweet because we miss our friends and families, but we have fallen in love with the people of this country.

Hope the weather is good back in Canada!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 22nd, 2007