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One sunny day in the in the brisk air of autumn, in a province known for its rolling landscape of hills and mountains, known as BC; British Columbia there was a team of nine people who much like Christopher Columbus were discovering new worlds that they did not yet know of but were having an overwhelmingly exciting and educational time learning and exploring the newness of these lands. It was not only in the province of BC that they were expeditioning as for they had also been located earlier on in the previous hours in the lands of Saskatchewan; the flattened part of this country in which you can watch your dog run away for weeks, and Alberta; place of the big trucks, cracked wind shields and big oil farming industries. On this fine day they had adventured from Saskatchewan to BC with their great leader and captain, Father Jamie on their shipbus Black Cheta, the infamous yet trusty vessel that brought team 2 from place to place and journeyed with them as part of their team. It was the furthest towards the tip of the earth, known as north, which the team had ventured so far and the views surrounding Black Cheta were miraculous views of their fine country that some had not thought to be possible. The world was molded into a variety of shapes that would fit any idea a person could have; from the waves of an ocean to the imitation of the clouds, it was really quite the sight.



Now that the scene and the atmosphere have been set out it is time to address the activities of this time frame as much occurred in the several hours surrounding these days. They had performed an informational presentation at an institute for youngins to learn, and had a rather amazing experience at this location. Several members of team 2 had stellar conversations with the students of the high school after the show and they really sparked up some great talks that both participants will remember for years to come. As proof to this our other leader, Navigator Brittany, reconnected with students with whom she had become acquainted with the previous year. The impact that we had on the school was astounding to see and inspiring to all members. The students were well riled up during the time which the three boys in our team known as the Half Singing Chancers got up and made jams, that is music as they call it. Whilst Father Jamie was harvested into a new being known as Animal Master and lead an excersisional routine the crowd was right rowdy and just loved it. When other members told their stories the students leaked from their eyes with emotional connection. Overall the crowd was a jubilant jumping expanse of people seated on the gym floor, what an inspiration!



Another adventurous situation that occurred in the town that was quite confused as to what province it is in, known as Lloyd, is known as The Great Flood. One preposterously interesting day the team was wonderfully constructive; the girls got stuff done with Father Jamie and Half Jordan such as shopping for items and off-road cart racing and the Singing DJ and Chancers Ryan killed zombies on a screen. Our fearless leader concluded that Black Cheta needed an automated bath, but the machinated location bath which he decided to cleanse our tranporter with had it out for the two. As the bath started and the two were stuck in it the water from the showerbath started to pour into the bus! Father Jamie gunned it out of the bath and into the sunny world, only to realize that the innards of Black Cheta were wet and the vocal system for our ship was broken. Oh how would we have our sing-alongs and dance parties during the long hours in which we traveled from town to town?! Have no fear! Our leader’s motto/most said saying is “I can fix this!” and so he did. He healed the vocal cords of the bus and that evening we had a noise record breaking dance/sing-along party. It was a fine day in the realm of team 2’s world and all was well in their part of the universe.



Taken from this blog story informational piece should be that team 2 is awesome. And BC is best experienced the same way as life; driving through it and seeing it all from a close up distance. Also please realize that we do not intake any substances that will affect our wellbeing and are thus known as illegal.

The end.  

Beth, LiveDifferent Academy Student, Fall 2013

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: November 26th, 2013