The “A Team” is on the move

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The A TeamSo the “A team” are ready to go, we have played local shows for the last month and have met some great people, stayed in some great houses, slept on some great couches.But next week we leave, we drive all the way to Vancouver and then work our way back for 6 weeks, over the mountains, across the prairies, and back to the beautiful and scenic metropolis of Hamilton, ON. (which I am always sad to leave behind)In that 6 weeks we should be speaking to around 20,000 students, all who have an amazing opportunity in life, an opportunity to make a difference. Thats all I need to remember every time we get up at 4 am, every time we unload and load the bus, every time we set up, only to take down an hour later, we don’t do this for us, we do this for you, one of the amazing people we meet each and every day, and for the people who’s lives you will effect and change in the future.15000 km, church floors, and not much sleep, and I’m really looking forward to it.All Left OutThis semester we are touring with All Left Out, a great band all the way from New Zealand, these guys have played on Warped tour for the last 3 years and have sold over 30,000 albums, so look forward to having them in your school, because they are awesome. You can check out their stuff on Myspace or on their website And you can also check out their video blogs on You Tube

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 11th, 2008