Thank you Stephanie & Jessica

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Last summer during Hero Holiday we were privileged to have two great girls join us: Stephanie and Jessica. Love the cowboy hats! Earlier this year, they contacted me about doing a fundraiser for the project this summer in Dominican. They couldn’t be here physically this year, but they still wanted to something. Recently, a letter showed up at our office:

Dear LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute),
This is a cheque to go to Hero Holiday. [We] had the opportunity to attend Hero Holiday 2006. This trip truly changed our lives. When we came back to school in September, we were both driven to do something for the world. We decided to have a fundraiser for all the people we met last summer. Our school raised $1478.64. Now we would like to give you our cheque to go to a worthy place to help make lives of individuals better.

Stephanie and Jessica, we would like to publicly thank you for taking the time to make a difference. You didn’t go home after Hero Holiday and do nothing but took a stand for a cause and put your words into actions. When you see the pictures of all those kids on our website, remember that it is because of people like you that they have hope for a better future. Thank you.

These are the kids in their school uniforms singing us a song saying thank you for their school.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 15th, 2007