Thanksgiving Paragliding

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So we were having a lazy thanksgiving day in Sylvan Lake, Alberta and needed to get some fresh air, so what better to do than to strap our Team 2 girls into an oversized piece of nylon with strings and toss them into the wind!IMG_5022 Since we really didn’t have much of a hill, I hooked up some rope and tried out the old fashioned human tow:

I managed to launch Andy, Kelsey and Lena into the air for their first successful solo paragliding flights (not parasailing… that is what old ladies do in Mexico. Paragliders fly for hours and 100’s of km in a single flight with just the power of the wind). These girls caught very quickly, nailing some sweet landings and doing much better than Ricky Martin.IMG_5024The dog however has more interested in looking cool and eating boogers.IMG_5021After managing to pull of a bunch of small flights, I hooked up a longer rope to Kelsey and was able to pull her at 30 ft for the entire length of the soccer field for one awesome flight.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: October 7th, 2007