Their First Christmas Gifts

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“My children have never had a Christmas gift.” – Mother of the family we are building for.As we sit down to our gift exchange this morning, these words still ring in my head.  Last night the family we are building for made us a Christmas dinner.  While we were there with them, sitting around a bonfire, the mother informed us of what a normal Christmas is like for them.  The difference between ‘normal’ for them and ‘normal’ for us is incredibly unfair.  We were all left in awe, amazement, frustration and yet still enjoyed a weird sense of peace and fulfillment at the same time.  What we experienced last night is something that we will never find the right words to describe.Welcome to our Christmas Hero Holiday in Mexico.  We have people here from ON, MB, SK, AB, and BC!  Even though we all come from different provinces, are different ages and have different hobbies and interests, the one common unbreakable bond that we share is a heart to help a family who cannot help themselves.  I could go on for hours explaining the challenges this family faces here.  They have never known the simple things in life like justice, equality, opportunity or hope.This Christmas is not only one that this family will remember forever, it is one that we will all remember forever as well!To all of you back in Canada who helped make this possible, thank you!  There are so many people that could not be here with us right now, but who have all contributed in one way or another to making this house build possible for this family.  We are grateful for your generosity and the family we are building for also passes on their unexplainable gratitude.Check out more pictures here.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: December 25th, 2009