Through the Eyes and Mind of Andie B.F.

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Andie is at university in Ontario this year after spending a year with us in the School of Leadership, 07/08 year. As well as doing the high school tour and the semester in Mexico, Andie has been on 2 Hero Holidays to the Dominican Republic. And I miss her. I don’t know how anybody can meet Andie and not have her tucked away in some special corner of their heart when she is not with them. She is smart, funny, caring and a complete and total nut. andie This is an entry in Andie’s journal when she was with the School of Leadership in Mexico. April 12, 2008I’ll never forget:The pain of the sunburn I got from giving too much attention to the oceanThe little girl that touched my eyelashesHow beautiful I felt hanging laundryThe family dinner we spent hours slaving overWaking up smilingThe endless attempts at balloon animalsThe fearful respect for the oceanDoing yoga in the sunlightMy friend RobertoThe boy who saw the world through his sisterFeeling completely helplessFeeling enveloped in loveBenito Garcia

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: September 25th, 2008