Time to Say Good-Bye

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It’s hard to believe this trip is coming to a close. Yesterday was an emotional day with all of our good-byes to the family we worked with for the last week. As I look out the window as we drive, I wonder how one survives this harsh climate day after day, year after year, without adequate food or shelter. The wind is bitter and strong, even in August. The dust flies constantly up on the hill without giving up. Yet, the hope and constant smiles on the faces of the children who are forced to grow up before their time tells me that the human spirit is very resilient. They have the will to live. They must. Only the strong will survive. As I held the elderly lady on the hill to say good-bye, once again I was inspired by her strength. Living and working among these people has taught each of us so much. Listening to the debriefings in the evening echoes this phrase, “They have taught me more than I ever realized. They have given me more than I have given them.” This Hero Holiday group will leave tomorrow morning different – much different – than when they came. They have walked among, touched, tasted and smelled poverty. One cannot help but be changed. None of us, however, are walking away with pity. Compassion, yes. For the poor, the widows and the orphans who fight for survival across the planet. We are walking away with a greater understanding of what really matters: family, relationships, hope, all the things for which there are no price tags. I can’t believe I have the honour and privilege of doing what I do. I am blessed.

And now, as promised, some final pictures until we all come home and can share them all with you.

Another project that I didn’t really talk about was the day care centre. This day care centre takes in young children so parents can work and the older children, who would normally be responsible for caring for the children, can have the opportunity to go to school. The parents are not charged for this. The centre is run on donations. We did some painting. Little did we know that we had some budding artists among us!

IMGP0501 IMGP0499 IMGP0494

At the house dedication, we got to say all our good-byes and take some final pictures of the house. We also brought gift bags for all the children.

IMGP0492 IMGP0487

IMGP0477 IMGP0481

IMGP0483 IMGP0475

Good night, everyone. Wish us safe travels for the next couple of days!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 13th, 2007