University of Alberta Students Build House in Mexico

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Hi World! ¬†This is Alexandria and Roz reporting from Mexico ūüôā ¬†So we finally got here and boy what a trip so far. ¬†BesidesU of A group prepping roof panels the scary men at the boarder with guns, everything went really well. ¬†Just kidding mom! ¬†Crossing the boarder was no problem and Mexico is WONDERFUL! ¬†After arriving, we went and met the family that we are building a home for. ¬†It was a very emotional experience because we realized that this woman has been through a lot. ¬†It was sad to hear her story but we were happy that we can make a small difference in her life and in the lives of her children. ¬†Yesterday we started building the house and it was quite an adventure! ¬†With Kelly and Brock racing to see who can complete tasks faster, the ummmm, height advantage? competition was almost too much to handle! ¬†We couldn’t even deal with it, so we went and painted with the kids. ¬†Or we should say watch them paint because they wouldn’t let us. ¬†In fact, Jose even kicked Megan off of the board that she was working on. ¬†Getting to spend time with the community was an amazing experience and we feel so grateful and lucky to be here. ¬†Were getting so many hugs and feel¬†extremely¬†welcome. ¬†Today we are off to build the rest of the house and hopefully Jose won’t cover us in mud and paint again!¬†¬† – Roz and Alexandria

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: February 23rd, 2011